What a cool resource CHOCK FULL of quality music!  My friend, Mark Parker pointed this out to me last night and I have already squeezed some of it into my lesson plans.

Deanna Stark has arranged some pretty cool things and has offered up EVERYTHING SHE HAS ARRANGED FOR FALL for...FREE! 

Check it out HERE and be sure to check out the other stuff she offers because if it's as good as the free stuff, you know it's going to rock your world.



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The PTA at my school is extremely generous and provided me with 30 ukuleles. 

So...those of you who teach ukulele, what method do you like the best?  Any tips?

Go get your self come discounted classroom goodies!!!  August 18-19! 
I just made a TON of different word wall designs!  I am still not sure which one I will use in my classroom.  They are all so cute.  Here is a sample, but there are many more colors!  You can get them at my TpT Store!
I have just finished making a set of brand new form posters to use in my classroom!  If you want to use them, too, head to my TpT store!  They are super cute and coordinate with all of the other goodies I have been making. :)

Click here------> Form Posters


I have been very busy lately, but I finally found some time to start converting my anchor charts into digitally produced posters!  They look super cute.  So far, I have made a black background and white background version of my Recorder Rules poster.  It basically needed to be done.  Unfortunately, some of the markers I used when I made my anchor charts last year faded BADLY over the course of a school year.  It was sad seeing my hard work just fade away week after week. :(  These shouldn't fade very much, so I am happy to be cranking them out!  If you want one, head to TpT and check it out.  There are more anchor charts coming, so keep checking back.  You will also see them floating around on Pinterest.  *BTW, you can feel free to use these posters in your classroom if YOU make them (and obviously, use them if you buy them!), BUT...please do not recreate/redesign them for download.  That means not for money and not for free.  Thanks!*

Fantastic news! 

Through district Fine Arts money, NPE just received a shipment of 4 sections of Flip Form risers! 

Whaaaat?  But you already have risers?  Yes.  We do.  We have 19-year-old, heavy, metal/carpet/wood risers that are great for performances, but are not at all ideal for daily use.  Flip Forms are easy to clean, have no sharp edges (unlike our standard choral risers), are made of molded plastic so they will not rust (yay) and, as you can see in the video, are easy to move around.  The most exciting aspect of Flip Forms for me is how easily they can be moved out of the way to make more space for movement activities!  Check out the video!

*BTW, ours are gray with blue tops.*
Summer is coming SOON and we are about to embark on our last round of STAAR testing.  The kids are antsy.  So are the teachers.  So, what better to do than drum?

Last week, my 3rd-5th grade classes started doing various World Music Drumming exercises along with a really cool drum playalong that I made up to go with the song, "Wavin' Flag."  If you would like to use it with your kids, go ahead.  However, if you choose to share it with others, please give me credit. :)

In listening to the recording you will hear this form:   Intro /A/ transition /B...

For further guidance, here are some cues for each section:

Intro: This is obvious.  It is short.
A: Begins with "Ohhh Ohhh Oh Ooo Ohhhh Ohhh Ohhh Oh"
Transition: Begins with "Singing forever young..."
B: Begins with "When I get older..."

Here's what you play:

A:    TOP SIDE SIDE SIDE :||    The rhythm is | | | | .  You can say "boom click click click" as a guide or even just say "top side side side."
(Top of drum and sides of drum, with your hands OR sticks.  Sticks are always better!)

Transition: Click sticks in the air on the upbeats.

B: TOP TOP CLICK REST:||    The rhythm is | | | z  .  This will sound like the playalong to "We Will Rock You."

You do NOT need drumsticks to play this!  I only have the students use sticks on my Remo tubanos.  Our djembes, doumbeks, etc. have too thin of a drum head to tolerate sticks, so those students use their hands and slap the sides of their drum or clap their hands in the air.  It should be the same motions, just with sticks or no sticks.  Then, allow the students a chance to switch so that everyone gets to experience using the sticks.

The version of Wavin' Flag that works best is "Wavin' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix)."

Look at this! I found a parachute for 12.99! These things are usually MUCH more expensive. I know the one we have in our music room cost something like 3 or 4 times as much. This was at Michael's. if you are a music teacher, you need to run out and grab some of these. And parents, your kids would LOVE to have one! I promise!
Now that the 2nd grade musical is over, I am on a roll!  I cranked out two new anchor charts yesterday.  Here they are in all of their glory.  My students have really gotten used to using the info on the walls of my room to help them understand concepts.  I have noticed hands go up, eyes move to an anchor chart, then hands go DOWN when they realize they were able to find the answer to their question.  Cool!